Courtyard Garden Landscape
About This Project

The owner of this London garden requested a seasonal and elegant space which could be both intimate and private and when required, could effortlessly accommodate a larger number of guests when entertaining.  The garden is approached through a soft grey wooden gate, which opens onto a canopied path of smooth mocha, limestone.  Tall filigree screens, the colour of burnished plum, guide the limestone path on towards the garden terrace.  The filigree screens are framed by soft woodland style planting, which provides all year round interest.

Inspired by Rothko and Duquette the garden terrace opens as a sumptuous jewellery box lined with soft undulating folds of seasonal planting.  Light, poetry and dance travel within the fabric of the garden, with glimmers of colourful jewel like flowers and sculpture which tempt the visitor to take a seat within the private terrace, inviting them ‘to mingle with the universe and feel’… Lord Byron.